CoCo BEST Awards

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Top Project Engineering Notebook

Given to the team with the highest scoring notebook.  Open to all teams.

Top Marketing Presentation

Given to the BEST Award team with the highest marketing presentation score.

Top Exhibit and Team Interview

Given to the BEST Award team with the highest exhibit and interview score.

igus Top Gun Award

Given to the team that has the highest score in a single match across all seeding matches.

Game Competition (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and finalist)

Awarded to the teams whose machines finish first, second, third, and fourth in the head to head robotics competition.  Based on average score after all seeding matches complete.  For 2020, there are no semi-finals and no finals.

BEST Award (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Awarded to the teams that best embody the concept of Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology.  Winning the BEST Award is considered the highest achievement any team in the competition can accomplish.

Robot Modelling Challenge

Teams model their BEST robot design in a 3D virtual environment and demonstrate its functionality through simulation and animation to judges.

Engineering Drawings Challenge

The Engineering Drawings Challenge requires that the team document their Robot Design through detailed Computer Aided Design (CAD) Engineering Drawings.  Good Engineering Drawings should be sufficient to allow anyone to read and build the robot directly from the drawings.

Video Design Challenge

The challenge is for students to demonstrate their video design knowledge and capabilities by creating and editing a custom video.

Website Design Challenge

The team will be scored on the overall design of the website, not necessarily the content or message. Content and message obviously may influence some of the subjective criteria but this is not the main focus of the challenge.

BESTMania Skills Quiz

Scored online.  Awarded to top scoring CoCo BEST team.

Outbreak Minecraft Challenge

Scored online.  Awarded to top scoring CoCo BEST team.

Founder’s Award for Creative Design

In recognition of BEST founders Steve Marum and Ted Mahler.  Award is about competitive advantage or enhanced functionality by the use of a unique or disruptive approach.  As determined by robot judges.

Workmanship Award

Considers both form and function.  Recognizes excellence in the fit and trim of external components and aesthetic embellishments.  As determined by robot judges.

Most Elegant Robot

For the machine design that is both simple and works well.  Award is about the machine’s architecture and performance.  A well-conceived and integrated design.  The machine excels at the game.  As determined by robot judges.

Carl Takle Judge’s Choice

Judge’s discretionary award in honor of Carl, a long-time CoCo BEST judge and supporter. (optional award)

Blood, Sweat, and Duct Tape

Judge’s discretionary award for a team that consistently pushed on in the face of adversity.  The team stayed engaged and kept trying throughout the season.